Dr. Toy's Message to Kids

Welcome to Dr. Toy's Guide! This website on toys and childrens products was created with you in mind. Dr. Toy wants to bring to you, your parents, grandparents, and teachers the latest information about the best toys and other products. We know you will find Dr Toy's Best Lists a good guide to help you create your very own Wish List.

You will find cool toys, new construction toys, terrific trains, great software, CDs, audio and video tapes and a whole lot more.
You will find a lot of things to enjoy playing with. Great stuff is listed for your younger brother or sister, or a friend.
The pictures will help you to find what you want. Take the information along when you visit a toy store so you can ask for a free demonstration.

Dr. Toy wants to hear from you! Please and share your experiences.

Contest #1 !

You can send in your drawing or photo picture of your favorite toy. You can create a 'Dream Toy'. You can tell Dr. Toy what you like and dont like. You may use as many or as few words as you wish.
If your letter, picture or photo, is selected you will win a perfect gift, one of the Best Products just right for your age in Dr. Toy's Guide.

to Dr. Toy, 268 Bush St., San Francisco, CA. 94104.

Be sure to include: Name (or a nickname), age, Address, City, State, Zip, Age, Your drawing or photo picture with your letter.Only your first name will be included and not any other information. This will protect your privacy.
Dr. Toy thanks you for checking out our Web site and invites you to join in the fun. This site is for you!

Around the World

Toys are enjoyed by children all around the world. How do you say TOY in your language? Would you please send us that word right away. Include the phonetic english pronunciation if you can.

Send the word TOY to Gracias! Thank you!

Help us to say "Toy" in your Language


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