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As evidenced by many responses (and personal experiences), (an online auction site) is a wonderful source for searching for toy treasures. Often there are pictures of the item being auctioned, and the online search function is straightforward.

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I am looking for an old toy which I believe is called Magic Sand Castle. I can't recall who manufactured it. The Magic Sand Castle came in a blue bottle which resembled a genie bottle. Inside the bottle was some kind of sand You poured the sand into a bowl of water and it would form sand castles and such. When the sand was taken out of the water it would crumble. I believe the Magic Sand Castle also came in a red and yellow bottle. Please help me!

My organization has a use for the classic toy, Magic-Slate. Do you know anyone who still can manufacture this product?

I would like to know if there was a toy called Magic Wood. It came out in the 1960's. Thanks for any information!

I am looking for transparent, colored marbles. I have looked everywhere. Can you help me? Where and how do I buy marbles?

If you are requesting the glass marbles with multiple colors on them, you can get them from the Oriental Trading Company. Catalogs can be requested at 1-800-228- 0475. Also, marbles are often sold at pet stores, usually for putting in fish tanks.

I am in search of a math scale that was in my kindergarten classroom. It was a plastic balance scale that had numbers of varying weights (1 weighed the least, 9 the most). When you combined two of the smaller numbers, they would equal the weight of the larger equivalent number. The numbers had loops at the top of each which would fit over a hook on each end of the balance. The model I remember was white plastic, with bright red accents and medium blue numbers. Have you ever heard of this toy? Of course, I was in kindergarten in 1962. This may be an impossible task, but it made the concept of equal much clearer to me. Thanks! Yes, I did look through all your listings; I remember a lot of those toys!

I can't seem to find any information on some early MATTEL tin toys. I have a wind up tin toy called DANCING DUDE and one called BUBBLE HEAD that is actually a tin hat that can blow bubbles. I also have a MATTEY MATTEL talking pull string doll a Pillsbury DOUGH BOY, and I have a SHRINKING VIOLET talking pull toy still in the box. Do you have any idea of their value? Thanks so much.

I am looking for a replica of the McDonald's Restaurant made in the 1970's. It came with plastic figures, tiny trays of food, and other accessories. I am seeking something just like this if anyone makes one. Thank you so much!

I am looking for the old-fashioned mechanical monkeys. I'm not looking for antiques, but ones that work and do not cost much. As I recall, they are clockwork fabric covered monkeys in three types: cymbal player, maracas player, and drummer. Do you know of a source? Thanks, Bob

I am trying to find medical scrubs in boy's sizes for my five and three year old sons. Their dad is a dentist, and I am a veterinarian. They want to dress up like their parents, especially since they were given medical and vet kits for Christmas. Thank you, Carmen.

My daughter wants to know what happened to Melanie's Mall? In 1998 it was in most stores, but not recently. She has collected most of the mall, and wants to buy the rest along with some of the little kiosks. Where can she find these? Michael and Ann.

In the 1930’s my favorite toy was a drawing device made of metal. You put round sheets of paper into it. There was a rotating arm that you placed your fingers into. The arm held a pencil. By moving the arm, you could make wonderful designs. I have looked for years for this toy. They made some in the 1960's out of plastic, but they were not nearly as clever as the one from the 1930's. What were they called, and where I might see one? Thanks, M.J.

How do you tell if a Mickey Mouse Cobalt Bank is old or not? John.

I am looking for information about Schuico Micro Racer #1040, made in U.S., zone 19? D.B6 MBlue #3.

I'm looking for Military Muscle Men. They are army figures, about one and a half inches tall. I don't know the manufacturer. If you have any, or have seen any, please, contact me. Thanks Jim.

Is there any chance you could help me locate some Milkcaps? Blank ones, that is, so that I can make them into Pogs. I find them very useful in my classroom. I've already contacted the company (Cap Toys, Inc. which has changed their name to Oddz On). They cleared their inventory earlier this year. Perhaps you could give me some suggestions as to where to look.

I received a Minnie 'n' Me slumber tent for my daughter second hand and found only the tent itself and the tubes for construction. I believe there is something missing in order to snap the tubes together. Could you please let me know as soon as possible where or if I can get those things? Please let me know if there is anything else I'm missing.

I have been trying to find a toy’s value. I have talked to antique dealers about it, but no one can find this item in any book. The car is about six inches tall and six inches long. My guess is the car was made in the early 1920's. It is made of tin colored black, green, and orange. The car has a lever action on the side of it that turns the back wheels. The car still works and is in excellent condition. On the back of the car there is printed a T on top of an M in a diamond shape, and it says trademark of Modern Toys Japan. On the bottom of the car there are four sets of patent numbers: these are 27579 104210 100166 103627. My father gave me this car in 1975 and told me it was the first moving car ever made. Joyce.

I need a red Jeep Cherokee Sport model, like the real one we have. Can you help? Thank you, Dean.

I am looking for the best sites that carry 1/25 scale deuce and other hot rods, like Model T's, coupes, sedans and old trucks. I am also interested in The Switchers series models by MPC and models made by Revell in the 1960's-1970's. I also collect diecast and plastic prebuilt detailed models. I'm looking for a site that has modern day Kenworth and Peterbilt freightliners. Norman.

This was made by the Ideal Toy Company back in the 1970`s. Are the molding powder sachets still available? Angela.

I saw an advertisement for motivational gifts: small desk items that make you think. An example is a small box with a person on a wire attached to the box, with a tag line reading, "Think outside the box". Where can I find these?

Could you help me find a replacement for my child's beloved stuffed animal, Mrs. Rabbit? It is an Eden brand toy and was purchased in 1996. The new Mrs. Rabbit's that they make are not the same design. The one I am looking for has a pale blue and white striped skirt.

We have a music maker. I would like some information on it and more sheet music for it. It has fifteen strings. The word “nepeneroyka” is on its front. Rob and Brenda.

Help! My two year old's cherished music box was dropped, and it is not working. She likes to listen to it as she falls asleep. Where can I get this repaired ASAP?

A few years ago I saw a really big musical carrousel with all kinds of different animals at a shopping mall. It was about $600.00. We couldn't afford it back then, but now we would like to buy one. It was made of strong plastic and was about 20 inches wide and 15 inches high. It had three rows of animals. There was a big ferris wheel that was near the carrousel. Thank you, Traci.

I am frantically looking for a toy concertina. Do you know where I might find one?

Help! Last Christmas I received a toy catalog that showed a children’s guitar in it. The guitar lit up the different chords, so a child could learn where to place their fingers and to learn to play on his own. It cost around $100.00. I finally have the money to buy this guitar, but cannot find the catalog. I have surfed the net - even called ETOYS, but to no avail. Please, please help me find this item. I have a very deserving and talented son just waiting for me to get the information together to order this. Much appreciation in advance, sincerely, Sharon.

My mom purchased a musical keyboard by catalog. We cannot find the catalog and do not know where to find another. I believe it is called a KidsWay Magical Melody Maker. It has buttons to make it sound like a piano, drums, etc. It is geared for ages 3 and up. It costs about $35. Thanks, Pam

My son has a Playskool My First Transformers dump truck. There were two other My First Transformers made: a jet fighter and a racecar. Playskool does not sell them anymore. Takara made them for Playskool in 1993. Where can I find these?

Where can I find My Little Pony merchandise? Jessicka.

I heard that toy nailguns (ones made of plastic that make "real life" nailing sounds) are being sold now. I am interested in buying one for my son, who is interested in woodworking because his dad has the "real" tool. Where can I locate this product? Thanks, Julie.

These were plastic balls covered with chocolate, each ball contained a surprise Disney toy from either 101 Dalmatians, Lion King, or a few other Disney films. They were taken off the shelves due to concern over children choking on the ball or the toy inside. They were called Nestle's Magic Balls and came in a small box. The ball coated in Nestle's chocolate was covered in foil wrap. I think there were twenty-four toys in a complete set. Thanks for any information about where I might find them. Mary Kay.

I am looking for a replacement aerial for a Nikko Expander Remote Control. Thanks, B. Hunter.

I need to find a toy soldier that winds up, and marches. The kind that you see in movies like the Nutcracker.

I am looking for giant nutcracker statues. I have seen some on display at stores, and I would like to purchase two of them.

I'm am looking for a toy called Operation Bug. I don't know who makes it or where to find it.

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